wisdom...it's all in the tooth

"Man...I wish I could start all over again knowing what I know now."

We've all heard that one....over and over and over...etc...etc...etc...and ...etc.

"I would be rich...I would be a great lover...I would...I would ...I would...etc..etc...etc...and...etc.

No...you wouldn't...No...I wouldn't...No...We wouldn't....etc...ad ininfinitum...

Wisdom is like a tooth..when you learn something...you go somewhere to have it yanked out.

One of my favorite sayings and I apologize because I have no idea who said it except that I didn't...

"Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is fruit...Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad"

No matter what we learn we never use the wisdom or I should say we rarely use the wisdom to apply it properly.

The divorced person(male or female) looks for the same type person that just kicked them in the gut.

The drunk returns to the bar after paying the "DWI" fine.

I could continue but you have seen it over and over...in others and in yourselves...

I see it in my life...I know that donuts are fattening and not good for me...but no matter how many times I slap my hand with my mind, it still forks over the money for that morning pound producer...

Knowledge...donuts not good...I get an "A" and graduate from "Donuts One-O-One"...

Wisdom ...Do not eat donuts...I always flunk "Donuts One-O-Two"....

I may be remiss by including the rest of the world with me and my weaknesses but I do see the lack of wisdom everywhere I look. I know I am not alone.

Why do politicians crash and burn over sex scandals...they are not stupid.  They know it could cost them a career.  But, they still do it or some still do it.

That is not an application of wisdom.  One might say they are putting there personal "tomatoes" into the fruit salad.

I think the word "stupid" applies not to lack of knowledge but to the lack of wisdom.

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written for "Mindlovemisery" - Life Lesson

                                                                                                    by "Stupid Old Grizz"


  1. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Proof that the whole world is stark raving mad! Myself included. I studied Nutrition in school, got my degree in it I know a lot about the consequences of eating too much sugar and I still eat too much sugar! The funny thing is that when I was 12 and I was this chubby, out of shape, sick kid I gave up sugar, meat (meat was giving me horrible indigestion), caffeinated beverages and ate a very clean vegetarian diet. For years while my friends ate as they pleased I ate to promote good health. No one in my house was on a diet, I am from a small southern town so my mom really didn't even understand the concept of no meat (meat is the meal lol). I had to cook all my meals from scratch (my food was pretty boring given that I didn't know how to cook yet so I had to take cooking classes). I must have been wiser at 12 than 32! I gave up sugar again when I had cancer cells and they completely vanished thankfully but here I am batting with my love of sugar all over again. Sugar is a drug and they put it in a lot of foods, foods you wouldn't even expect so even when you aren't eating sweets and treats unless your food is all natural (fruits, vegetables, grains no bread or cereal, forget yoghurt unless it is plain/natural, fresh meat) you are still eating too much sugar. it's not easy! I feel you, you are definitely not alone! Diet foods are the worst though never eat them

    1. several years ago I lost 85 lbs on the Weight Watchers diet. I liked that I could eat normal foods and lose weight. Then my wife was diagnosed with stage three color cancer and I turned back to the "dark side foods" again..I guess because of depression.
      The good news...she beat it and has been seven years cancer free.
      The bad news...I haven't been able to find the resolve to eat properly again. I have gained back forty of the 85 I lost.

  2. I am so glad to hear your wife is doing well! I turn to food when I am Depressed as well. I use exercise as well, which helps. I have managed to maintain a healthy weight it isn't easy for me to do I am on hormones, I was on Epilepsy meds (and some people gain 100 lbs on them, they are awful for weight gain!!!) and I have Hypothyroidism so I never get to not think about it, I would love to not think so hard about my diet. I don't calorie count ever I do the low GI method it works really well for me. With Hypothyroidism lowering calories just doesn't work if anything it is detrimental to my metabolism. My mom has severe Hypothyroidism she insists on fad, caloric deficient diets and she is obese. Every now and then she gets me to write her diet plans and I do but she never tries them because she believes she needs to starve to get slim. Eating normal food is the best way to go =) I thought I would never lose after I had Isadora I gained 30 lbs with her which really isn't bad but I just stuck at the same weight down to the oz for a solid year!!! That was not encouraging but then I got my metabolism under control with seaweed (yes seaweed is fantastic for the thyroid)

  3. yeah stupid is as stupid does you know...you cant tell me the politicians dont realize they are messing up sticking their shlongs in somewhere it should not go...but i wonder how many justify that they will never get caught...i think there is a big difference between knowledge and wisdom...

    1. I think that a whole lot of people believe it's OK to do what ever they want as long as they do not get caught...and when they do it's always someone else fault...i.e Mayor Fillner(?)..."I wasn't given classes in sexual abuse..sure

  4. You are very wise in pointing out the human inability to be wise. I stand there with you.

  5. I so agree with your final statement, GS! It is not a crime not to know, the error comes in the denial or refusal to change our ways in light of what we learn. Sadly, I am with you on the donuts! (And about a hundred other things I know better than, but continue to do!) This is also why "book learning" is only a beginning, life experience is still required to become a true expert. Great writing here!

  6. If you substitute premium vanilla ice cream, or reasonable ice cream on a sugar cone (2 scoops of different flavors) for donuts -- I can relate!
    My little town went from no ice cream parlors to 2 ice cream parlors! I suffer from sugar withdrawal; it can get so bad, I eat extra gummy vitamins for a teeny, tiny sugar rush.
    And stupid is not knowing just how stupid you are. Wisdom is knowing how much more you have to learn to not be stupid.