The Elephant Tree - sixteen

The government choppers had just created mayhem by churning up the dust and dirt and blowing the blow-up doll off  the elephant. A panic was created and people began running and screaming that the choppers were shooting at them.

/   /   /

The Government choppers left for their various bases and since the pilot of the Aljazeera chopper was also a Marine, he decided his backside would be safer if he returned to his base.

The Aljazeera cameraman and reporter were livid. They reported to the Middle East that the Americans were blocking the news on the killing of thousands of poor unfortunate farmers.

The Aljazeera news feed was being picked up all the American news channels. It looked like one or all of the choppers had shot into the circus parade. The only reporter that they had to listen to was speaking an Arabic language.

"What the hell is he saying," several reporters asked?

"Oh my god, Oh my god, they shot the girl," one station reported.

Since one station reported it. The attack by the marines on the circus parade became fact.

The president was still listening on his smart phone but wanted pictures to see what was going on. He punched all of his com buttons and demanded that the communication companies give him a live feed of the terrorist attack that was happening in the historic town of Elephant Tree.

"They can't sir. We only have the power to listen in on all conversations. We cannot legally view them."

"Bull pucky…when it comes to a terrorist attack we can do what we damn well please."

"No sir. We need congress to pass a law."

"Well, let's get the damned law passed. This is a matter of national security."

"The House won't act without concessions, sir."

"Call that damned Speaker and see what he wants."

"Sir, the speaker is already on the phone. He's screaming something about elephants attacking our border with Mexico."

"Tell him the terrorists are attacking Elephant Tree not the elephants attacking our border."

"Sir, he says you are playing politics with our border again and if you think we're going to get stuck with feeding a bunch of damned wild elephants, you're crazy."

"Tell him we are being attacked by terrorists and I need that bill passed."

"He wants a bigger fence sir."

"Okay give him his damn fence but I damn well better get the legal right to see into any damn home in America anytime I want to."

"Mr. President, it seems as if our Marines are attacking a circus parade."

/   /   /

The Editor without the well endowed ghost writer had no idea what to do when they heard "Sky 86" report that the marine choppers had shot up an innocent circus parade.

"Where's my well endowed ghost writer?  Where's my staff?  Where are my photographers?"

The limo driver called the local station to see if they had any news of the staff.

"Sir, it seems as if your staff is lost. They have not been heard from since they left New York….and sir…there are reports of the Marines shooting up a circus parade in Elephant Tree."

"Those goddamned subversive bastards that are after the president stole the town of Elephant Tree.  How in the hell can a stolen town have parades?"

"I don't know sir but there is another report that the town of Elephant Tree has been attacked by terrorists and now all air flights are being canceled."

"See if you can get that fat ass Stumpy on the line. I need a writer."

"All communications have been taken over by the government."

"Now what the hell can we do?"

"We could drive to where we saw the government choppers doing their sweep."

"I was just going to say that."

As the limo topped the first hill they saw the downed helicopter and picked up the pilot and the "Sky 86-eye-in-the-sky" news reporter.

They reported that the government choppers had shot up the circus parade.

The editor smiled.

"Forget those subversive bastards that are out to kill the president. The government killing our own people is a much bigger story.  How many did they kill?"

"We're not sure, but it looked like it could have been in the hundreds."

/ / /


  1. I bet most fights and wars are started by poor communication! The new prompt is up if you are game =)

  2. how the story just takes on a mind of its blow up doll to hundreds...and that sounds about like how our govt will be in commitee for years...smiles.