my tattoo talks
for some reason it has the 
voice of my mother

you shouldn't have adopted me
but you are way cool
your mother is crying

no way
why would she she cry
don't you remember

the saying
the look on her face
when she saw one

"fools names 
and fools faces always
found in public places"

but your a tat
not a name or a face
 just a tiny hummingbird

to remind me
of how much I miss
and love her

but she hated the art
like names on the outhouse wall
a shame on her and her family

I wonder if she
would she consider it a stain
or a work of love

                                                                                                         gsbatty/August 2013


  1. A good poem makes me think!

  2. You got me with that one. It started out with levity then went somewhere I didn't expect. Reminds me of some of my mother's quirks, the ones I became so fond of as I grew older.

    1. thanks Scott..I wish I had your talent and MLM's talent and Brian Miller's talent and then maybe it could have people are so good and I am trying a little poetry but I do have a long way to go.

      Your comments are really appreciated..

  3. i do think that she would probably appreciate the symbolism behind it, maybe less than the is interesting....and hey, you def have talent good know how to spin a tale...and for me that is the important part...

  4. I have a tattoo, actually my husband and I have matching tribal tattoos. I have mine on my left calf, his is on his left arm. My mom isn't a big fan of tattoos but she doesn't have a problem with ours because of the meaning behind them. She doesn't like my piercings I haven't even got particularly unusual ones just slightly higher gauge (4 and 6 I think) because I heal unnaturally fast and any normal size heals up the second I remove them. My cartilage piercings healed up overnight. I heal like wolverine or something it ridiculous. Thank you for complimenting me above! You are immensely talented Grizz, your writing is full of charm, it is strait forward and real. I love it!