the treatment

I was feeling a little ill so I went to the emergency room at the local hospital.  They decided "feeling a little ill" wasn't an emergency so they stuck me in the back of the waiting room to wait until my "little illness" became a "big illness".

I don't remember how long I waited for my illness to become terminal but I am sure it was more than an hour or two or maybe three but more than likely ten or twelve.  I know I missed my breakfast and most likely my lunch but it didn't matter because I was being used as a volunteer in a medical experiment.  One nurse or another, some male and some female, would peer through their little window to see if I was still alive and I am sure they were hoping I wasn't.

Finally, when I was sure my "little illness" had incubated itself into a "big illness" using the proof that I just thrown up all over their nice new furniture, I approached the sacred little window and inquired when my turn was?

"We are very busy", I was told. Your need to wait because your illness is still not important enough to us.  "Go back and sit in your vomit."

I decided the treatment I received was not worth waiting for a treatment I may never receive and left leaving my last nights dinner all over their waiting room furniture.

the bus stop

The other day I was waiting at a bus stop.  I wasn't waiting for the bus.  I just wanted to see what it felt like to wait for a bus. 

It is no different than waiting for anything else.  As the bus's scheduled arrival time neared the younger waiters began to get fidgety and nervous.  They paced and walked into the street trying to help the bus to get there faster.  The older people just sat and patiently waited. 

The bus came and went, leaving me and a dirty old pan handler waiting on the bench. 

He looked at me and said, "I don't have any money to help you out but if I did I would."

I gave him a five and walked back into my world.