joys of love

We are each the love of someone’s life
the life of someone's love
our love embraces our lover
our lover embraces our love

  we are surrounded by the love of others
a mother's love
a father's love
a God's love

If the ties of these loves are broken
our souls turn to stone
our hearts to tears
our tears to rust

carry on Tuesdays



Little known to the world of walking bipeds there is a magic bear named Bartolome who lives in the forest of the black troll.  Bartolome has the power to grant eternal life but only does so for creatures of the forest.  Bartolome usually saves his powers for those of his own kind.

However, on one cold rainy spring day a Grizzly old hunter dressed in a bears coat and smelling like an bear himself crawled into the cave of Bartolome and whispered in a low grunting voice that he was about to die.  "Bartolome," he said.  ""Will you grant me eternal life?"  Bartolome being half asleep and cold did not recognize the the old hunter as being a human.  "What do you have for me?", Bartolome said.  The old hunter was quick to reply, "I will provide you fish and berries for the next year."  Well thought the old Bear, that's not a bad deal.   "OK", Bartolome replied, "but for a year of fish and berries I will only give you a year of life".  The old hunter thought that after he fed Bartolome for a year they would be good friends and he would get his eternal life.  "OK, the hunter replied. "It's a deal."

Bartolome told the old hunter to take his clothes off.  "Why?" asked the hunter.   "For my power to work you must be as you entered the world", replied Bartolome.  When the hunter was naked Bartolome realized that the hunter had tricked him.  Bartolome was furious.  "You tricked me", he roared.  "But the animal world is not devious like you humans" he bellowed.  "I will hold up my end of the bargain."  "You will have your one year of guaranteed life."  "But if you miss one day of fish and berries you will die instantly", Bartolome warned.

Bartolome opened his pouch of magic stones and selected a green and and a blue one.  When he struck them together a flash of golden light surrounded the old hunter.  Then Bartolome selected a black and white stone.  When he struck the black and the white stone together the power of the earth mixed with the golden light and as one they entered the old hunters body.  "There", said Bartolome.  "you have your one year of life."  "But, beware, my power is only good as far as your health is concerned".  I cannot guarantee you a safe passage in life."

"Now", said Bartolome.  "While you get dressed I will go to the stream for water."  After the old bear left the cave the old hunter began to eye the old bear's magic pouch.  If I can steal those stones he thought, I can give myself eternal life and I won't need that stupid old bear.  He put his hand inside the pouch to steal the stones and found one other item in the bag.  That item was a large Diamond Back rattle snake that Bartolome used in his magic incantations.

The smoke of burning venom when mixed with the color of the clashing stones was the final touch of magic that gave eternal life.  The poison of the venom when injected into his hand was the final touch that gave the old hunter eternal death.

The Alchemist came to turn 
my heart of iron
into a heart of gold
but God stepped in
and turned my heart
to love

written for Sunday scribblings

sing along with me

A song is but a little thing........And yet what joy it is to sing!

Oh how awesome these words are to me
a song is my soul
a song is my being
music is everything
music is like
a tree
the roots of life
for me

oh how I wish
could sing
I croak and croon
ribbit like a frog
or howl
in the shower
a dog
baying at

never falter
never quit
how lucky
your are
you do not
have to listen
a croaky old voice
that can never be

written for and dedicated to Kieth at Carry on Tuesday


This is a lovely prompt and one that is easy for "Old Grizz". 

A roll of charmin would be lovely.  I would really like to know how soft it really is.

Also, since bears really do "@^#$#*^" in the woods I would require a side room that is decorated like a forest.

Nothing fancy.  It would not have to be a Redwood forest.  A simple pine forest would do just fine.