DORI We were two, She and I When she was blue,
I was lost When she was wild
I was shy We became one
She and I she was everywhere
she was no where I was no where
I was everywhere. I was lost in her She was lost in I. She permeated my world
The atmosphere was filled with her I could feel her She blanketed me like a warm summer breeze. She surrounded me
engulfed me
caressed me. She lifted me. She was I
I was she Then we we were two
She and I It was fun
when we were one. When we became two She was lost
and I was


Where have you gone?
I miss you
I keep searching for you in the dawn
You left to fast
Our time together has slipped to the past
I miss you
I wish you could have stayed
so our time together would last
Tell me Where are you going to be
When I am through
I want to be with
GS Batty


disappointment numbs the mind like a hangover crushing a beautiful sunrise