hidden heart

My heart was split in two and
no antidote could be found

I put the hurt behind my heart
and forgot that my heart
was not there

I walked through life
unaware that my heart
was not there

Then a ray of hope
found the hurt behind my heart
a light began to heal my silent soul

The love and kindness
of an angel provide the cure
for the loneliness in my heart

She provided the antidote
that healed my shattered heart
and removed the hurt within my soul

the arrival

The seed of my being traveled across
the universe before the age of dawn.

It waited patiently
as the planet regurgitated its soul
to make room for the seed of man to arrive
and test the depth of his soul.

My seed waited as the seed before me
made their mark in the soil at my feet
and in the air that I now breathe.

My turn is now and my soul is
stirring the dirt and the air of
those that came before me.

When I am done
my soul will shoot
back across the universe
like a rocketship with no fire.

My seed will continue as I continued.
We will be ready
for what is here or beyond the stars.

goodbye john

Gravestone by geewizard
John and I used to swap a lot of jokes about death.  At our age it is only normal to talk and joke about the here after.  I am sure this picture is through the eyes of John who has preceded me and is already "pushing up daisies".  I am sure it was sent to me by my good friend who left this earth about four months ago.

He warned me that he would haunt me if I didn't come to visit him but I never expected him to haunt me using the world of blogging.  I know he is peeking through the grass waiting for me to visit him. 

I told him I would drop by now and then with a joke or two and maybe some news about his wife and son but I have not been true to my word.

It's not really my fault.  I haven't heard a new joke in ages. His wife has already remarried and his son has been arrested on drug charges. Now you tell me how I am supposed to cheer him up with old jokes and bad news.

So John old pal, old buddy, you just keep peeping through the daisies watching for me.  I'll drop by when I hear some new jokes but you will have to wait until your wife and I get back from our honeymoon.

Thursday Tales

This story posted for Thursday Tales

burning leaves

Well there you have it...a new word...schmoomy... the feeling of gloom on stormy day.

A word that describes what one one feels when trying to write a book or even a teeny weeny paragraph and all you are able to do is look out the window and wish you were just a falling leaf with none of the wishes in life.

Or maybe even better a leaf caught in a howling gale being blown somewhere far far away and hoping to land in the class of a Faulkner or a Hemingway and find out if they ever felt schmoomy.

Or maybe to be caught in a whispering breeze to be wafted gently and lovingly into the arms of someone who cared.

But as you watch the leaf is raked into a pile and set afire.  Your thoughts are brightened.  Maybe your words are a leaf and you strike a match only to burn your fingers.

You turn to your desk and take a pen or strike the keys in hope that what words you write will live to burn a mind or two and not end up in a pile of smoldering leaves.


Friction..So many places to go, so many words to write...

Mechanical...no, too mundane and educational..who cares about the mechanics heat and friction.

Work Place ...All sorts of friction flying around on the job.  Body masses moving up and down the ladders of success and failure, rubbing against each other  causing envy and hate.

Political...can't go there ...after this last campaign, I cannot stand any politicians...from either party

more places of friction...the sexes...school...social...family

Family... that's what I am going to rant about...at least after last nights small family birthday party.

I have been blessed or damned by a son that is successful in the field of computerese.

I have also been blessed or damned by a son-in-law the is a successful inhalation medical technician.  Wow..that's mouth full.

I have also been blessed because these two young men "know everything".  They know everything about every subject.  The problem is their knowledge always clashes and they are always discussing (arguing) one issue or another.

Last night they were "discussing" how an Internet music program works.  The program has something to do with creating a personal music file of songs that each individual likes.  I left the room before they had determined a winner.

Does anyone out there know the name of that program?

The promise

A girl, warm and cozy
one that required no promise

A girl sweet and nice
one that needed no vine

A girl sexy and loving
one that wanted me for me

A girl with the spirit of youth
one that did not sufffocate a love

I found that girl
so wild and free

but I broke the promise
that I made to me

I would not fall in love
with such a girl as she

and yet I did
and her spirit has never set me free

Posted for Cary on Tuesday...have a nice holiday Keith

true love is forever

They met when young
Their love shy and innocent
They married and lived as one
Their love hot and complete
They raised their children
Their love warm and quiet
They grew old as one
Their love knowing and silent
Octogenarians they were
Their love in their souls
They are the few to know
True love