Friction..So many places to go, so many words to write..., too mundane and educational..who cares about the mechanics heat and friction.

Work Place ...All sorts of friction flying around on the job.  Body masses moving up and down the ladders of success and failure, rubbing against each other  causing envy and hate.

Political...can't go there ...after this last campaign, I cannot stand any politicians...from either party

more places of friction...the

Family... that's what I am going to rant least after last nights small family birthday party.

I have been blessed or damned by a son that is successful in the field of computerese.

I have also been blessed or damned by a son-in-law the is a successful inhalation medical technician.  Wow..that's mouth full.

I have also been blessed because these two young men "know everything".  They know everything about every subject.  The problem is their knowledge always clashes and they are always discussing (arguing) one issue or another.

Last night they were "discussing" how an Internet music program works.  The program has something to do with creating a personal music file of songs that each individual likes.  I left the room before they had determined a winner.

Does anyone out there know the name of that program?


  1. Hi Old Grizz - it's not 'Auto-tune' is it? Probably a good idea to the leave the room before they clash antlers! Friction is everywhere..Jae :)

  2. The fun times of family get-togethers... Do all of us have those who continuously diagree? Does lend for a bit of friction....

  3. Pandora...but don't mention it with them around or you might open that box.

  4. Friction and omniscience do not do well together, no doubt! At least you have awesome material for writing! Great use of the prompt -I was especially chuckling with the pieces at the beginning. :)

  5. Too much testosterone in the room me thinks!!
    I now prefer to pass the torch when it comes to that kind of friction! It totally wanes as we age...thank goodness!! Hope the night wasn't ruined for you!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I enjoyed the thought process in the beginning. Families are great! ;)

  7. Do I sense a touch of regret that you are not the young bull still, snorting and bellowing asserting your place in the world? Give them a go, you were there once! Interestingly there was a touch of poignancy here too, or was that just me? Great read as usual.

  8. ah, the friction of competing men!

  9. Hahahah Oh Grizz, I know that scenario well. Such competition.Sounds like one of my uncles, am ex truckie who knew everything about our country roads, and was annoyed if you knew a road he didn't, I loved him dearly just the same.