DORI We were two, She and I When she was blue,
I was lost When she was wild
I was shy We became one
She and I she was everywhere
she was no where I was no where
I was everywhere. I was lost in her She was lost in I. She permeated my world
The atmosphere was filled with her I could feel her She blanketed me like a warm summer breeze. She surrounded me
engulfed me
caressed me. She lifted me. She was I
I was she Then we we were two
She and I It was fun
when we were one. When we became two She was lost
and I was


Where have you gone?
I miss you
I keep searching for you in the dawn
You left to fast
Our time together has slipped to the past
I miss you
I wish you could have stayed
so our time together would last
Tell me Where are you going to be
When I am through
I want to be with
GS Batty


disappointment numbs the mind like a hangover crushing a beautiful sunrise

Her Eyes

Her eyes capture me
and send my heart
to eternal rapture


Love is a tender moment
like the wind
whispering through the pines


To hate is to feel
the evil of the world
growing in your heart


You are the future You are as a young Banyan Tree Plant your roots on the cliffs above the world grow them deep to anchor you against the world Let your branches reach towards the world Strive to engulf its great depth of knowledge To carry you into the future Because you are the future May your life be filled with courage May you find your one true love May you find your peace in the world May you always be happy