Progress?  Are you kidding?  Two days into the new year and you ask me about Progress.  Where am I?  Friggin up to my ears in progress..that's where I am.
  • Began a new blog idea   stop in and check it out and tell me your thoughts.  You might want to join in...never know
  • Began interviewing the homeless for an article I am writing.  I plan to go out and beg for a few days just to get the feeling. (donating any money I get to a charity)  What do you think?  Do the homeless get rich begging for money on the corner?  I will post the first article Mon 1-03-11 (HOMELESS--HUNGRY--PLEASE HELP--GOD BLESS)  Do you give a dollar or two, or turn do you you head?  This project will be posted on my blog:
  • Volunteered to help deliver food and clothing to Indian tribes in the mountains of Arizona and Colorado.  Scheduled to leave Jan 13th.  (God willing and we can get there)  Right now they are up to their rear ends in snow and we can't get to them.  Hopefully roads will be open when we leave.  Plan to write about the experience and have some photos.  Ever heard of the "Forgotten People"...Neither did I...check this story out on my blog:  beginning in Feb.
  • For a preview of where I am heading, go to:
  • Progress?  two days? bet...I've made progress.
  • What about you?  Make part of your progress a pledge to open up your hearts and help someone in need.