Grizz's Quotes

From time to time I write something I think is worth saving in a special place...
but for now I park them here.

"words are like tumble weeds
they travel around the world 
and finally end up in your own back yard
for all the neighbors to see
make sure yours don't have any fart tracks..."
                                                                                   gs batty/July 2012

"Write a few words today.
Celebrate creating something.
No one else can do it for you"
                                                          gs batty/June 2013

“Be wary of the glib my friends
Their smiles may just shove you into a lavonic hell.”
                                                                  gs batty/June 2013

"I am very concerned about evolution
when horses grow wings
I will miss the sound of their clippity-clopping hoofs"
                                                                                                 gs batty

"Children live in once upon a time
believe it or not
so do a lot of adults"
                                        gs batty


"Do not weep over what is not.
Rejoice in what could be."
                                            gs batty

"The greatest mystery on earth
is the heat created
when two lovers kiss."
                                                       gs batty

"I've heard it said,
I have half a mind to kick your butt.
No one has ever said.
I have a mind and a half to kick your butt."
                                                        gs batty

"My dreams come from my bones
and when I am gone
my bones…my dreams…my being
will continue without me"
                                       gs batty


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    1. not sure how to do that but I will check on it. thanks for the suggestion

  2. So many jewels here...Love the last one!