the letter

the letter is gone
no one
cares anymore

email and twit
or texting and facebook
have replaced it

maybe its good
maybe its bad
I will never be sure

but I don't twit nor text nor face
I'm still hoping a letter
will show up at my place


from whence it all began
an explosion creating
an expanding universe
like the seed of man
exploding  in the womb
creating yet anther universe
within the life of woman
is our universe really just
celestial sperms racing to
penitrate a celestial seed
in the ovary of space
and we only
the ions of the atoms
of eternal creation
if so
will the creation be
made of green cheese

lightning & God

First the lightning and then count, one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three and on.  One second for every one onethousand.  One mile from the lightning for every second. Ten seconds until the sound of thunder and its's ten miles away.  First the lightning and hope to God there is a least one second until the thunder.  If not, first the lightning, then the thunder and then we acquire a fox hole desire for the grace of God.

Linda May

I guess the thing to do here is nominate a mother, a child or maybe a famous person that has done something awesome.  Any nomination of this type would be great and wonderful.  We can all think of someone to fulfill the criteria.  We can think of that perfect someone we have met or know or have seen on TV but I would like to nominate someone I have never met. 

I nominate Linda May from Australia.  She subtitles her blog "what is in my heart and head" and that is what she writes.  There are no "airs" and no "pretensions".  She writes what she feels and what she sees.  I always leave her blog feeling good about the world and the people in it.  Thank you Linda May for being the salt of the earth.  You are a person I would like to call "friend".

If I should die

"If I should die think only this of me"......

that in you I found love
a place to hide my heart
a place to store my poems

should you find my soul asleep

open your heart
my love is there
my poetry is for you lips

when you look to the wind

listen with your heart
my love for you will speak from the clouds
because it if forever burned upon eternity


if you would care
to look into the depths
of me

please takes some notes
and tell me
what you see

I get confused
trying to see
what is really me

yesterday and beyond
I thought I was
what I was

and now
looking into the glass
was is not there

but someone
different looks
at me

I hope it it
the person
I've always strived to be

naner...naner...naner...I am smarter than you

I understand that liberals are more intelligent than conservatives.

At least that is what some liberals are touting. (Thom Hartmann, KTLK, 1150 L.A.)

His claim is that the latest study show lib's I.Q average 105 vs. conserv's I.Q. average 95 or some such drivel.

Word from the underground is that our new ruling party is going follow the path of Nazi Germany and create a new race of Super Liberals.

Conservatives will not be allowed to procreate.

Those that want to help father the new Race of "ugly Americans" can apply on line at
"we are smarter than".

Have your I.Q. credentials ready.

Writer's observation.....those that think they are smarter than you always want to tell you how to live and what you can and cannot do. I prefer the dumb ass that lets me choose those things by myself.