lightning & God

First the lightning and then count, one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three and on.  One second for every one onethousand.  One mile from the lightning for every second. Ten seconds until the sound of thunder and its's ten miles away.  First the lightning and hope to God there is a least one second until the thunder.  If not, first the lightning, then the thunder and then we acquire a fox hole desire for the grace of God.


  1. When a streak of lighting sliced through a tree near us a few weeks ago, it still took a couple of seconds before we heard the thunder...

  2. oh oh,another old wives tale debunked and turned into an old grizz tale...good to here from you and did you say a prayer?

  3. Nice poem gs batty
    We should look for cover when lightning strikes!

  4. Nice intrepretation of your thoughts.. Great..

    Saravana Kumar - Dream

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  5. Like that expression "fox hole desire"! A quirky and fun comment after quite a series of serious comments!

  6. Flaubert - love that title..SIS...GT
    thank you all for spending a moment with with me.

  7. that's a sharp and brilliant one.
    loved your logic here.