the letter

the letter is gone
no one
cares anymore

email and twit
or texting and facebook
have replaced it

maybe its good
maybe its bad
I will never be sure

but I don't twit nor text nor face
I'm still hoping a letter
will show up at my place


  1. except in the form of poems and writings on blogs - we write to each other all the time. I do miss the letter in the mail though...It's hard to tie up a laptop with ribbon and put it in a pretty box to keep.

  2. say it much better that I.

  3. Great poem with a hint of sadness at the end. I never thought the net would replace the letter, but as for Facebook, it depends how you use it. I'm relatively new to it, but you can have some excellent debates there. AND My Dearest and I have found some old friends we thought we'd lost touch with forever.

  4. Awe this makes me sad! I find I despise snail mail since there are no real letters! The art of letter writing seems dead... now email takes it's place!! Good job. Lots to think about!

    Peace Giggles

  5. Tis sad when the flower of an old way is lost even if the new offers bouquets undreamed of in the days you held the letter of a loved one and smelt her into into life. I have gone for L for lunch, loneliness and absent love. The lonely wear masks

  6. Great poem old grizz and how true!

  7. The elegance of communication has been usurped by the expediency of immediate gratification. The art of writing a letter will be lost as so many other arts have.

    Good post, grizz.

  8. Let's all start writing to each other again! Pen, ink, paper. I'm ready to go!

  9. Great post! I find it sad that the art of the letter has disappeared. It helped connect people in ways that modern technology can't possibly. Time, effort and though put into a letter seemed more sincere.

  10. I loved receiving and sending letters. I guess with the demise of written letters also goes the analysis of hand writing and frustrated teachers rapping my knuckles for untidy hand writing. See there is an upside! My niece Cass still writes me letters on her handmade paper, I have kept them all:)When a letter comes now it is more likely to be either advertising or a bill.

  11. I try determinedly to write letters but correspondents are few. I do have one in Finland who has eschewed the computer and still uses the typewriter. I called him a Luddite but he considered that a compliment.

    The major problem with computers is the users lack of checking the sense and spelling of their work. That plus their need to abbreviate and cut short the content to a hideous minimum. I could go on...

  12. I miss letters too - the flow of ink on paper, the composition of the letters. Now I stare in wonder if I get a gen-u-ine letter in the mail. I think of the hours our ancestors would spend penning letters. My grandmother and her 4 daughters would circulate their letters to one another, each person adding something on. It's a lost art.

  13. How very true...the letter written by hand is a lost art. Thank heaven we still have our blogs! Well said.


  14. I loved this. My Grandmother and I send letters back and forth but they're not like the old days letters.

  15. A wonderful post that speaks to a loss I dearly miss. I don't "twit" or "face" and only text my daughter if calling would disturb her and the message is crucial. I still write letters to friends, but they are usually on cards. (I make my own with my paintings or photography on the front and plenty of blank space inside.) I still choose special writing pens, that feel just right, some for creativity with color and others for that great flow across the paper- gliding.
    I wish more folks would write me. I hardly get a letter or paper card anymore, but I save everyone I receive. A person's handwriting is distinctive like his/her voice, so it feels so much more personal than our electronic email or chat. Oh, this brought back sweet memories of that unparalleled anticipation of the mail delivery each day, during my teens from boys who had moved away (and I wish hadn't relocated.)