confucius say

I gave my German Schnauzer,
"Lo-Jack", a "Chinese Fortune Cookie"
 but I forgot to take the "fortune" out.

Now whenever I give him
the command "speak.
He tells me a "Confucius" proverb
in German
I do not understand German

egg face

eggs for breakfast
cooked anyway you like
stop your blog
have a cup of whatever
and wipe the egg off your face
but not me
I intend to rub it in
care to join me


Old Grizz is hibernating in his writers cave attempting to be a serious writer.  I will devote what ever time I have to "Burned Toast and Coffee".  Drop in from time to time and say hello.  I will hello you back.


I wrote
and I felt
I felt courage
has always been there
is always there.
why didn’t I feel courage before?
why couldn’t I feel courage before?
courage has nudged me for decades
I was afraid to nudge courage back
courage would not go away
courage haunted me
I knew not what courage was
courage was in a place I cared not look
courage was in a place I dared not look
I never thought to look for courage
through my pen
through my grit
through my gut
I never dared to look for courage
through my pen,
through my grit
through my gut
Not until
I wrote and I wrote and I wrote
the things that are
the things that aren’t
the things that may
the things that might
courage was felt
courage spoke to me
words from a raining cloud.
courage spoke to me
words from sizzling lightning
burning across the sky
blazing a path
that I was afraid to walk.
my written words
dripping blood and ink
my mind,
my eyes,
my heart
my soul.
courage spoke to me
and now
I have
the strength
to walk the path
of sizzling lightning.
I am
not afraid
of falling any more.

only the young

Only the young have such moments

moments of discovery
the touch of her skin
the beat of her heart
the breath of her life
the joy of first love

once the moments have passed
the wonder can only live
in your mind

when you are young
her touch
her heart beat
her breath
your first love

cheerish those moments
they will only come once