Coming Home

I walk in the park
crushing the fallen leaves
under the soles of my shoes

not for revenge
nor do I get a thrill
from their final destruction

I am looking for something
something that I had lost
a long time ago

a part of me
that drifted away

a part of me
that I set free

a part of me
that I was happy to let go of

until one day 
it dawned on me
that I had lost the best part

the part that made me 

the part that made me

the part that made me 

the part that made me

my feet walk among the fallen leaves
and crush the dryness of their souls

I can feel
my soul begin to
grow again

I can feel
the child in me
coming home 

depression filled the dryness
of my soul
something from the leaves

spoke to that 
inside of me
which was lost

awaking a lost desire
to laugh again
to feel again

where had I gone
where had I been
a presence of soul was lost

only the physical remained
not a zombie
but knocking on the door

to the presence of hell
fearing what was there
wanting the door to open

hoping for someone
to find me
and bring me home

the crushing leaves
awakened my soul 

                                       gsbatty/Feb 2015


  1. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw your blog pop up in my reader with a new post!! Happy homecoming, you've been missed! I hope we will see more of you here. I understand well that dead feeling that sometimes overtakes us... but somehow we always seem to find our way out of it again.

    1. Thanks Josie..hope to stick around and I'll be writing a thing or two on your site.