i went to the mountain top
looking for inspiration
it was cold
martin wasn't there
neither a guru
nor a god
but there was
a dog
it gave me warmth
and a bird
it gave me hope
and the sun
it gave me life

i am happy

For those that have wondered and been concerned about me, I apologize for not leaving a sign of life. I have learned that depression is not an easy foe and maybe the best thing for me would have been to continue writing. However, my fingers and my mind would not or could not agree. 
A special thanks for MLM and Josie for caring.


  1. Depression is indeed a formidable foe, GS, several people I love struggle with it from time to time, and every now and then I find myself going down dark pathways for awhile. What I have learned is that in time the spirit within us drives us back to the surface, gasping for air and squinting in the bright light. At the times I have backed away from writing, or couldn't find anything within me that I wanted to write, I also found that it made me twice as anxious to the point of feeling like I was going to explode. Words are therapy, words are healing, even if it means just a few simple sentences strung together. You and your wonderful poems and delightful stories have been greatly missed here. You are a blog treasure and I'm hoping you will keep putting yourself in front of the keyboard or paper. Everything happens for a reason my friend, as you know, and the lesson is always to accept, overcome, and move on. Maybe you should join us for 30 days of Thankfulness this month, it's amazing what counting a few little blessings can do to lift the veil! The poem you shared above was perfect, sun is light, warmth and love. Welcome back into the light! HUGS

  2. While I am sorry to hear about the Depression (it is a monster I battle daily) I can't help but feel relieved to see you again. I have missed you (hugs) I sending you positive vibes and lots and lots of love

  3. Sometimes it seems that my comments are making it through and then sometimes I accidentally flood you! I have missed you so much! I am very sorry to hear about your Depression having battled with it my whole life and having seen my husband battle with it, I know it from both angles and it isn't pretty from any direction. I am sending you lots of love, hugs, and positive vibes

  4. I have tried to leave numerous comments but as they haven't appeared I am not sure if its that they aren't getting through or if it is a matter of approval. My email is I have been thinking of you Grizz and I am sending you positive vibes =)

  5. Haven't heard from you in a while, Sir Old Grizz. I hope everything is well. Merry Christmas from the Philippines!!!!! ;o)

  6. "Tales by Old Grizz" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  7. Hoping everything is okay Grizz