hidden heart

My heart was split in two and
no antidote could be found

I put the hurt behind my heart
and forgot that my heart
was not there

I walked through life
unaware that my heart
was not there

Then a ray of hope
found the hurt behind my heart
a light began to heal my silent soul

The love and kindness
of an angel provide the cure
for the loneliness in my heart

She provided the antidote
that healed my shattered heart
and removed the hurt within my soul


  1. Snap! What romantics we are to have our hurt healed by an angel. Thanks for you visit and comments.

  2. How lucky for you Old Grizz, some people are not that fortunate.

  3. 'I walked through life unaware that my heart was not there'! What a great phrase! And probably psychologically valid too!

  4. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing such an intimate poem! So hopeful!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Flawless rhythm Old Grizz! Like that walk through life with a little skip in the step for the hurts that have healed..thank you so for your visit and especially for the good wishes..Jae

  6. Beautiful!! and loved the part when the ray of hope came in :)
    A true Angel of kindness who acted as an antidote to the wounded heart!!

    It changed the entire texture of the poem to one of happiness.

    Glad it ended happily!! :)

  7. G'Day Grizz, you lovely ol' romantic.

  8. love, kindness heal all.
    lovely writing,