goodbye john

Gravestone by geewizard
John and I used to swap a lot of jokes about death.  At our age it is only normal to talk and joke about the here after.  I am sure this picture is through the eyes of John who has preceded me and is already "pushing up daisies".  I am sure it was sent to me by my good friend who left this earth about four months ago.

He warned me that he would haunt me if I didn't come to visit him but I never expected him to haunt me using the world of blogging.  I know he is peeking through the grass waiting for me to visit him. 

I told him I would drop by now and then with a joke or two and maybe some news about his wife and son but I have not been true to my word.

It's not really my fault.  I haven't heard a new joke in ages. His wife has already remarried and his son has been arrested on drug charges. Now you tell me how I am supposed to cheer him up with old jokes and bad news.

So John old pal, old buddy, you just keep peeping through the daisies watching for me.  I'll drop by when I hear some new jokes but you will have to wait until your wife and I get back from our honeymoon.

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  1. aww mean mean :)
    nicely written mean though

  2. Old Grizz! At least you could back just once and say "Thanks!"

    Seriously, you have touched on that sensitive issue of grieving and how it affects your life. If we grieve too much we will be seen to over-react to the inevitable on the other hand if we get over the loss quickly we may be seen as callous.

    Extremely thought provoking post.