the arrival

The seed of my being traveled across
the universe before the age of dawn.

It waited patiently
as the planet regurgitated its soul
to make room for the seed of man to arrive
and test the depth of his soul.

My seed waited as the seed before me
made their mark in the soil at my feet
and in the air that I now breathe.

My turn is now and my soul is
stirring the dirt and the air of
those that came before me.

When I am done
my soul will shoot
back across the universe
like a rocketship with no fire.

My seed will continue as I continued.
We will be ready
for what is here or beyond the stars.


  1. Sorry about the links. I am trying to learn how to use my Ipad and I really suck at it.

  2. Some very interesting thoughts here! Perhaps we all have been and always will be in some way, in some form, in some space!

  3. It is a sombering thought to think "my turn is now"! Time passes too quickly!

  4. Matter does not end but only changes into another form...and so life goes on and on for newer generations as we move on too!!

    Only God knows where that is... :D

    Have a great day!!