The Elephant Tree - nineteen

The sheriff has arrested the writer and the editor and taken them to jail.

The photographer, Ichaposi (dressed as a clown), the well endowed ghost writer, the circus farmer, the naive undertaker and our subversive animals (the elephant and the donkey) are sitting the shade of a tree.

/  /   /

"Are we going to blow up the doll and continue our parade," the elephant wanted to know?

"Don't say "Blow up" elephant, the donkey brayed.  "We are already wanted for being subversive bastards."

"Hey, Mr. Politician, what's a bastard," the elephant asked?

"That's someone whose mother and father are not married," I replied.

"Well I guess that's true. You know donkey, we are bastards. I guess we are guilty."

"No, animals can't be bastards." the well endowed ghost writer said. "And being a bastard no longer has to do with marriage. It has to do with abuse of power."

"See, elephant," the donkey said. "We are not the bastards. The politicians are the bastards. They abuse their power every second of every day."

"You're right donkey," the elephant replied.

"And the newspaper people. They never tell anything the truth. It's always the way that makes their opinions look better."

"You're right donkey."

"And the lawyers. They will change the meaning of words to get someone put to death"

"You're right donkey"

"So, all the people that control the minds of the people are really the subversive bastards."

"You're right donkey"

/   /   /

Ichaposi's cell phone rang, signaling the end of the communications blackout.

"Posi? This is Boss Sleaze. What's going on? The president is on the TV claiming that his personal 'White House Navy Seal Team' has put down a terrorist attack in Elephant Tree. Are the subversive bastard elephant and donkey still alive?"

"Yes, I'm with them right now."

"Where's Stumpy?  I'm waiting on a story."

"Stumpy and the fat ass editor are in jail and there is not story about a subversive elephant and donkey."

"In jail? Get over there and take some pictures and get the well endowed ghost writer to write the story. Tell her that we'll put one hundred "K" in her Swill Bank Account."

"What about the elephant and the donkey?"

"Dead meat…there is no story anymore. The president has claimed it was a well contrived plan of his to get the terrorists out in the open. He says we are all safe and the government is not spying on the people anymore. We are safe under his watch."

"Where's my money," Ichaposi wanted to know?

"I sent it to Stumpy like you said."

Ichaposi shut off his smart phone and turned to the well endowed ghost writer.

"Do you want to do a story for the Sleaze Revue?"

"No! I'm going to go somewhere a form a party that really wants to help the people."

"I think I would like to join you. Where will you start?"

"We could go to West Virginia and ask for political asylum. The people of West Virginia are honest."

"I think that would be a great place to start," the well endowed ghost writer said.

"What about you, Mr. Politician?  Do you want to change parities and join us," the elephant asked?

"Not me!" I replied. "I am not a politician. I'm going home!"

"I'll go," the circus farmer said. "I'll sell my farm and donate the money I legally stole from the political parties."

So, a small band of concerned citizens started for West Virginia to begin a new political party.

"What shall we call it," the elephant wondered?

"How about the 'Moonshine Party'", the donkey offered?

"We are going to call it the 'NaPOAT' Party," the well endowed ghost writer said. And our first piece of legislation will be to outlaw the term 'well endowed'"

"Can we have a Unicorn for a symbol," the donkey asked?

"Cheeeesh, donkey, do you want to cause another poor animal the same misery we have been through," the elephant trumped? "Besides, there is no such animal as a Unicorn."

"Yes, there is. Noah didn't save them from the flood."

"There wasn't a Noah."

"Yes there was!"

/   /   /

As our future heroes and sheroes began their assault on the powers that run the country, the powers that run the country were back to their normal everyday operation of accomplishing nothing.

The president was making another speech claiming that he had personally put down another terrorist threat.

The speaker of the house was on the border supervising his "Elephant Fence".

The talking pin heads were forty-nine percent right and forty-nine percent wrong.

Boss sleaze was making million with his stories about a subversive bastard editor and a subversive bastard writer.

Every American was being monitored for terrorist activities.

Every office in Washington was screaming for more taxes to pay for more vacations and more well endowed staff members.

and …the illegal human smugglers were busy building a fleet of submarines.

/// /     /     /     /     / ///

and so ends this little tale of...hell, I don't really know what it is...maybe just my way of screaming for some help for the little people...

gs batty written for me...


  1. Donkey and elephant are so cute! I really like how you wrapped the story up brilliant work I thoroughly enjoyed it =) There is a lot of truth in this too

    1. thank you...I really appreciate that you followed this story all the way through. I had fun with it and the fact that you kept reading it encouraged me to keep on going.
      You made my day but not with a gun but with encouragement.
      Brian is also following the story and it really makes my day that someone of your abilities would read my stories...thanks again

  2. ha. asylum in west virginia...i would hope they would start a party that cared about the people...wonder how long before it would be corrupted you know...