peace go home

I wanted peace
but then decided that

maybe peace
wasn't good
 and really wasn't

all the it
was cracked up
to be

after all
what would the
news people do

without someone
getting killed
now and then

they couldn't
have a news cast
that only announced the peace

Today peace broke out
all over the middle east
maybe tomorrow

war will come
if not there will be a crises
all over time square

people are marching
and chanting
war not peace

we have no jobs
we want war
peace is hell

1 comment:

  1. I totally understand were you are coming from in order to progress there has to be dissent, there has to be obstacles and challenges. I think if the world were perfect we'd ferment lol I think those few moments of peace are enjoyable because we have experienced a wide variety of other more tumultuous emotions, personally I want to keep all my emotions.