killing swans

do swans fly
I've never seen one in flight
but they say they fly

Wikipedia says they fly
but I'm not sure I trust
Wikipedia or they

I watched a swan
not to long ago
regally on a pond

I didn't try to scare it
to see if it would fly
it was much to royal

the swan paid me no heed
as if I wasn't even there
I wondered

would it like to kill me

after all I have done nothing
to advance its agenda
or not advance it

I am sure that other humans
are guilty of mistreating
some of its ancestors

maybe even ate one or two
but not me
I have always admired the swan

but the way it swims
beautiful and serene
I bet it doesn't admire me

/ / / / 

Every night on TV I see death.  People killing people...just because...not crazy people...normal people incensed by what they perceive as justice...or revenge...why not the swan?


  1. When I was in Switzerland (Lucerne) I was eating outdoors in a restaurant that was positioned in front of a manmade pond. Swans are gorgeous but very aggressive haha They look so peaceful on the water but get too close and they might take you out haha They hiss and threaten and if they want your food they will have your food.

  2. The new prompt is up =) I hope all is well!

    1. ahh yes..all's well Except for that damned bell the jerk keeps ringing by my light post every night.

  3. I lived in Germany for a couple years back in the seventies, and the nearby city had a beautiful park with a small lake and several swans. They are indeed regal, so very beautiful as they seem to float across the water, yet when they come up on land they can actually be rather nasty, not caring much for human company... unless of course one happened to have something good to eat! I loved the black swans best, such a contrast to their pure white counterparts!