The Elephant Tree - eighteen

The marine choppers have been accused of shooting american citizens...
The writer (Stumpy) has been arrested for creating a riot...
The Editor of a major newspaper had been arrested for causing an international crises...
The well endowed ghost writer and the once subversive elephant and donkey are having a heart to heart under the shade of a tree...
The resident and the speaker of the house have agreed on a larger fence and more spying power for the president

/   /   /

Boss Sleaze of the "Sleaze Revue" and his staff were having coffee and donuts as the pictures of the circus parade streamed in. They saw pictures of the government choppers, the dirt and debris, and the blow-up doll flying off the elephant’s back.

"Freeze that," Sleaze Bo yelled. "That’s no girl. That's a blow-up doll."

"Are you sure?"

"He should be. Have you seen his collection," someone else remarked?

"They are works of art and that is what I collect them for."

"Hey everybody, there are reports coming in that the government choppers are slaughtering thousands of people in Elephant Tree," Someone else yelled.

Then the photo screen went black…the TV went black…their cell phones went black…everyone's mind went black….

"Oh God, my smart phone died…what's going on?..."

"Mine too," echoed across the room.  “What are we going to do?”

/   /   /

The president was watching the chopper sweep on Aljazeera TV. He saw the doll fly in the air and heard the echoing "Oh Shit!" from all the government choppers.

He punched his com buttons…"Who ordered those choppers to Elephant Tree?"

"The FBI, the CIA, the Pentagon, and your staff sir."

"My staff?...I didn't authorize them to send Marine choppers to Elephant Tree and I didn't authorize Marine choppers to shoot our own citizens."

"Yes sir, you did. It was part of the search for those subversive bastards that are planning on shooting you."

"Oh yes, that fat ass Republican Elephant."

"And our Ugly donkey, sir….they were in it together"

“Can’t be...that donkey loves me. I knew those republicans were up to something but, using my own donkey against me is going too far.”

“Sir, the whole thing is being broadcast by Aljazeera and all of the major channels are broadcasting the Aljazeera feed.”

“Tell the networks that I need to make a speech.”

“You made a speech this morning, sir.”

“The American people need to know that I am taking care of this. They need to know that I will have my personal team of Navy Seals there within the hour.”

“Sir, I think you need to cover this one up.”

Then the TV went black, his smart phone went black...the telephone went black...all communications across the entire United States went black...

“What’s going on,” he asked?

“I don’t know, sir.”

There was a knock at the door.

“Sir, it’s the speaker”

“What does he want?”

“He wants to warn you about the communication system, sir.”

“Okay, you can let him in.”

"Mr. President I am here to inform you that your request to have direct viewing into every home in America is now being implemented. However, we needed to shut down all communications for three hours to make the switch."

"Three hours?  I have a speech to make."

"You made one this morning."

"Well, I can't be missing for three hours. My people won't know what to say and do. At least I need the TV stations back."

"Can't without canceling the changeover."

"What will it take to stop it?"

"A higher fence Mr. President….and stronger…one that elephants can't crash through."

"Elephants can't crash through the one we have now."

"Sure and didn't I hear you saying that elephants couldn't climb trees and look where we are now."

"Okay you can have your damn elephant fence. Just get the communication system turned on. I need to make that speech."

/     /     /     /     /


  1. I love the bit about the Sleaze Boss being a collector of art lol Such intelligent writing, I really dislike the invasion of privacy that is taking place in real life currently, 1984 does not seem too far off

  2. ha. a collection...for the art..oh my...smiles
    what a cluster too, need to cut all communication for 3 hours
    ha...seriously just waiting on the drones to swoop in
    and bomb the town...