on tip toe

a wad launched
you know
in the school room

across to Tommy
or better yet
across at Tommy

the teacher's eye
somehow peering through
the bun on her head

wicked as a cyclops
tip toed me to
the office at the end of the hall

I protest
not with real words
but with a language

of the guilty
ough ough ough
or the accused

being led...no taken
to the torture chamber
of the principal's paddle

the stance...the whack
no chance to deny
no lawyer to get me off

no application of
the rules they taught
only the demonstration

how life
really worked
in the days back then

one more trip
upon my toes
back to the room I belonged in

oughing and ouching
dancing like a puppet
and rubbing my butt

only to see Johnny
laughing at me
through tear filled eyes

the one eyed 
old bun clops
had not seen me

launch the wad
I was only guilty because of past sins
I had been unjustly profiled again

                                                               gsbatty/August 2013/for the hell of it

A shot at profiling...when I was in school, I was a devil. Continually disrupting and casing problems. I think I spent as much time in the principal's office as I did the class room.  I was guilty of a lot of thing and therefore charge with all things.

One form of correctional punishment the teachers used was to grab a thumb and finger full of hair from the back of your neck and pull you up until you were on your tip toes and then walk you to the principal's office for your punishment.

The paddle was always there for the students to see and often used. "Bend over and grab your ankle," was the command. Then the whack.  Never a tear did I shed from those whacks on my butt but I sure oughed and ouched while dancing on my toes.



  1. I can imagine you as a trouble maker :-P When I was in elementary they still used paddles. I was kind of an obstinate child so I sometimes got in trouble mostly for talking and probably to myself because I wasn't that popular lol. Once I was taken to the principals office for the paddle but I told them I wouldn't submit, I said something about the punishment being excessive in regards to the crime. I told them I would accept responsibility but that hitting a child or anyone was not acceptable or something along those lines. I didn't get spanked unbelievably. In middle school the punishment was squats which I did comply with some days I must have done over 300 squats, I had some buff legs lol

    1. You were much smarter that I was...the paddle stung like hell but that soon went a way....the whacks didn't keep me from pulling my pranks but maybe they held me back from going to far.