jobs for who

hot under the shade
but the shade did not help
the black teens sweltered

the tv blares the
million man revival
lift up your faces

do not take no
we are not going to take no
we are going to take back

the brown hispanic
raised his hand 
caught my eye

no need to talk
to the brown or the black
the brown wants a job

i'm not sure 
what the black man wants
i'm just a white ass cracker

we can't talk no more
if we ever did
he chases my shadow

I am the enemy
he chose me out
dual at dawn

the dawn of his choosing
when i cross his line
he will beat me to death

or shoot me
just to see what it's like
to kill a white ass cracker

.the brown man looks for work
on the corners
i stop for coffee

the tv blares
equality for all
let the immigrants in

after all, they want work
the tv screams some more
we're not gonna take it no more

the black boys beat a white boy
the brown boy raises his hand for work
another million hands are raised

brown for work
black for justice
the brown man smiles

the black man wonders
why there are no jobs for him
the politicians scream "vote for me"


Today in America there is strife.  People are frustrated. I see millions of young Americans struggling for jobs. A job is an identity. A job gives hope.
When I drive by all of the street work...the construction to rebuild America...the construction to give jobs to American see very few blacks...very few whites...very few Asians...but a see a lot of Hispanics...

And I look to the politicians...yelling for equality...and the yelling for open borders...and I wonder...Does not black america see that the salvation of their people is jobs ...not welfare...



  1. our politicians have no answers as they are unwilling to make the calls that need to be made because it threatens their own pocketbooks...

    1. good point...thanks for the visit

  2. This is so devastating, when Sam and I first moved to Sweden the economy was crap. It took him a long time to find a job and when he did it was a job doing manual labor in a industrial freezer. He was so miserable. A job really does give purpose and now that he has a good job he is so much happier for it. If you have seen my husband you know that he has a Middle Eastern appearance (his mom is Swedish he is from Sweden but his dad is from Lebanon) because of that he has experienced a lot of discrimination, we lived in America right after 9/11 and some of his friends turned on him. He has had people refuse him service, seek dogs on him, it is pretty ugly.

    1. I forgot to say the new prompt is up =)

    2. I am sorry that people behave in this is ugly...I believe it comes from tow things...fear and the desire to be above someone else on the totem pole of society. I did not see anything in that picture of Sam except a sparkle in his eye...he seems to me like a person I could enjoy being with.

    3. change tow to two and it makes more sense...

    4. I agree I think fear is the primary source of hatred. Sam is a very laid back, generous, intelligent guy. He loves helping others it breaks my heart that people judge him on his looks.