The morning of the goose

the morning chill
from the cold dry breeze came
across the black water
before dawn 
when the light blue sky
 was still in bed but
 peeking one eye out
 just enough to let you
feel the light of the sun
and say goodnight to the
light of the moon
the water lapped gently
on the rocky beach
giving the only sound
except for the crickets
and a lonely frog
the tall dry lake grass 
swayed with the breeze
from somewhere far
away the sound of a loon
calls a mate
the sky turns light blue
above an orange crested mountain
they are heard long before 
they can be seen
the honking of the goose
heading on a migratory journey
the sounds are distant but crisp
they get louder and the geese
paint small lines of V's 
across the morning sky
they come in waves of three
their honking more
 beautiful than loud
they settle on the lake
telling of the sights 
they have seen
or the fatigue in their wings
the sun peeks over the mountain
they have rested
first one then two the three
then the others
lift from the lake 
and the music
from their voices
announces the trip must continue
they disappear high into
morning sky their crisp honking
slowly fading away
a frog croaks a loon calls
the water laps the shore
the lake grass shimmers in the breeze
the chill of the crisp morning air
fades with the morning sun

                                                      gs batty for Theme Thursday


  1. This is gorgeous Grizz like a painting I could so clearly visual the scene, I miss waking up/going to bed in the country!

    1. thanks..tried a little poetry and tried to emulate you and Brian but obviously I have a long way to go.

  2. A lot of them stay here in Colorado year 'round. I would think it would seem cold to them but I don't know, maybe compared to further north it's temperate.

  3. I cannot remember if I have ever seen them migrating here in SoCal but I am fairly certain I have seen them while living in another state. They are amazing but then so are some other birds when they are all flying together and doing that swirling thing they do. You have written such a descriptive poem and while you read it you feel as if you are watching a showing of these beautiful birds and one morning of their trip down south. It was truly beautiful. Makes one want to live on a lake. Oh how wonderful it would be to see this all the time but then again it would mean not living in SoCal which is a hard place to move from. It seems you always want to come back here. And with growing up here it makes it even harder.

    Thanks for sharing such a fantastic poem with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope you have a spectacular week.

    God bless.

    1. thanks for the visit and the comment..We do get the geese here in Orange County now and then...not a lot but everyone once in awhile I will see and hear them flying high above. I believe that a few stop at our local golf course...but I am just assuming they are migrating...not that much knowledge on birds.