gotta write about

Gaunt tired droopy eyes watched the screen. The book disappeared, letter by letter, word by word, line by line. paragraph by paragraph and finally page by page. The space marker moved in reverse erasing the book one letter at a time.

The eyes watched...the mind groaned. The writer had thought of just deleting the whole thing with one click of the mouse but discarded that thought immediately.

No, the mind reasoned. A book, no matter had bad it was, could not be wiped out with one click of the mouse.The finger left the back space key. But, only for a moment. Then it returned again to erase each letter but not at gigabyte speed. It was a slow tap...tap...tap...bringing to mind the tapping of death on the front door.

The book was two years of the writer's life.  Thoughts of all that had been researched and writen. The editing, ten in all...wasn't enough to impress anyone.

Edit some more, rewrite this. rewrite...rewrite...the finger tapped...the space marker executed a letter, a space a character... the swath of an OJ knife.  Did they bleed...the mind bled...the creation slowly withered...the letters disappeared...under a tear that fell here and there.

The writer stopped, but only to sigh. The tapping began again, but after page disappeared until the entire creation had been mercilessly slaughtered.

The writer walked to the balcony...eighteen floors...the moon was full...excellent...the wolves would be happy.

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  1. Love it and can I ever relate!