The Tortoise and the Princess - part 3

the story continues....

The tortoise, Emanhellah, has transformed into a Gleprichaun in order to follow the wolf, Garulayntres, and the Princess through the thick forest.

The owl, Pita, (pain in the ass) is riding on his head giving directions like a back seat driver.

"Turn that branch...slow down...speed up...could you be more careful...oh my god, there's a snake..."

Emanhellah tried to shoo the owl from his head, but every time he swiped at the owl, the owl just flapped his wings and rose above Emanhellah's hand and settled back down digging his claws in just little to make sure of his of his balance.

Damn, did you have to dig your claws into my head?"

"Quit trying to hit me and I wont't have keep ducking and clawing."

Before Emanhellah could respond they were interrupted by some loud voices that were segueing about something.

Garulayntres, now in the form of a silver wolf had one of his front paws caught in a steel trap.  He was begging, pleading, and beseeching the princess to free him.

"Do you think that I am stupid. I should have listened to the tortoise. He warned me, but no I knew more than he did. You fooled me but now that you are trapped I am free."

"Not as free as you might thing my dear princess because with out me you will be lost in these woods and your will die. So, set me free and I will you queen of my kingdom."

"Queen of a bunch of rabid wolves does seem like a future I want to sign up for. If you will give me your word of honor that you will see me back to my father's castle I will set you free."

The wolf grinned. "You have my word. I will just need a few months for my leg to heal and them I will escort you back to your father's castle."

Surprising the wolf and the princess, Emanhellah said, "I don't think she's that stupid."

"Who are you, growled the wolf. What can a one armed"Yeshalf pint Irishman do against a powerful wolf like me?"

"I am Emanhellah and with your foot caught in the steel trap you have no power at all."

The princess said, "Are really Emanhellah the tortoise?"

"Yes, I am your protector and I have come to take you home."

"Why do you have the stupid owl on your head?"

"The wolf cried, "You can't leave me like this."

"You left me to die. Why should I show you mercy?"

"I swear I'll reform. I'll go to church. I'll become a boy scout master. I'll teach them about safety in the woods."

"I don't think so.  You would get them in the woods and then eat them."

"No I wouldn't. I swear I wouldn't"

But as the Gleprichaun, the princess, and the owl walked away leaving the wolf to get out of his mess, the wolf was thinking...Boy scouts..scout master...that's not a bad idea...when I get out of this damn trap that's exactly what I'll do.

The wolf began chewing his paw off...

Beware boys and girls of a one armed scoutmaster....

the end...

but hey...maybe someday there will be Tortoise and the Princess ll...

Written for "mindlovemisery" - fairy tales...


  1. AnonymousJuly 21, 2013

    I loved it!

    Pita, back seat driving haha

    And the ending where the wolf decides to become a boyscout master that is just brilliant! Fantastic work =)

    1. thanks ...I didn't have the patience that you have and I guess I just have to turn everything in a comedy routine...
      appreciate your comment