passion for what
maybe there is no such thing

at least for me
I've looked
honest, I have

maybe the wrong place
the library the kitchen
no reading or cooking

but maybe the kitchen
now there's a passion
for eating

but not cooking
so there's another passion
for fast foods

what you say
stick out your arm
before you roll away

matters not if I roll
as long as there are
plenty of fast food joints along the way

written for Theme Thursday by gs "rolly-polly" batty


  1. I love eating and prefer it over cooking. I prefer homecooked food though so it's a dilemma. I was on a medicine for Epilepsy a while back and it zapped every ounce of passion out of me I was so apathetic I had to stop taking it. I like my feelings.

    1. I too prefer home cooking and my wife cooks so we really do not eat the fast foods a lot. This was a weak stab at the over weight people here in the "fat" USA.
      However, I am a wee bit over weight myself but that's because I eat li8ke "Mikey"

  2. I think I have a passion for eating too but I like all kinds of food. But I do get sick of fast food although when I used to work it was definitely easy to pick up for everyone to eat. I do love home cooking better than fast food but I rather like it when someone else cooks it. Love your poetry for us overweight people but sadly I do not think too many people care anymore. I see all these young people who are so overweight and they do not seem to even care. I am trying to drink more water when I get hungry and hopefully lose pounds.

    Thanks for sharing this poem with us for this weeks Theme Thursday, we need to be reminded sometimes. Hope you have a great week and thank goodness it has cooled down somewhat here in the IE.

    God bless.

    1. I am also a little on the "to big" side and I wasn't meaning this as a put down on heavy people. I know they (we) struggle but there are many who are overtly obese and the fast food chains do not help.