I give my solemn word...

the words spoken
in all honesty
promised that which could not be promised

to be sure
the giver of the words didn't know
they were words everyone said

why not follow
in a long line of broken promises
no one really cared

except maybe the keeper
of the words
because the keeper had vowed 

to keep and protect
that which was honestly given
and now they were scattered

strewn someplace that was hidden
from the keeper of honesty
so that breaker could use them again

when the time was there
for the words to be given again
in all honesty

                                                                         gs batty for Two Shoes Tuesday


  1. AnonymousJuly 23, 2013

    Beautiful poem and very sad how often do we toss out empty promises just to get out of an uncomfortable situation? Sometimes false promises almost seem demanded, like a weird social obligation

    1. words no longer mean anything...we promise things we cannot possibly do or we sue words to deny which we have already done.
      Our society is morphing into 6 year old morality..."it's not my fault...I didn't know any better"

  2. This was a great, thought-provoking piece, GS! Words are tricky things indeed. We live in a world where they are scattered about like dandelion seeds in the wind. We use them casually and with little forethought of the promises made or implied. We waste them on endless empty dialog that will be followed up with little effort and all will come to naught. It would be a better world indeed if we used our words more sparingly and guarded them more carefully. Words have the power to wound deeply, they also have the power to heal! Thank you for sharing your poem with us, it was an excellent addition to Two Shoes Tuesday this week! Don't forget to add your link to the Mr. Linky! :-)

  3. very nice. Words and promises are so easily spoken...

  4. Nicely put, George. Besides, the keeper of the words (the minister) is getting paid for having them said.

  5. But there will also a big difference, after all is said and nothing done, to say 'sorry' and mean it, isn't it?

    Nice poem, Sir Old Grizz ;o)

    1. Maybe, but I think that the word "sorry" is simply a cop out in our society. Most people are not "sorry" for their actions but "sorry" for getting caught. We have a great example going on in the "Big Apple" which will soon be known as "the Big Dick"...oops ...sorry I said that...

  6. Unspoken vow. Nice poem! : )