The morning dove's mournful song
floats between the morning rays
but only sorrow floats in my soul

The hawk rides the the morning wind
reflecting the morning sun
but only sorrow reflects from my heart

The mocking bird sings to his mate
his voice dancing along the branches
but only sorrow dances from my feet.

I walk among the doves, the hawks, the mocking birds
not blaming them for my sorrow
they are not responsible for my place in the sun

I accept that I am sad
and the songs of the morning birds
cannot lighten my sorrow

nor do I want them to
for not to feel sorrow
would mean that I am dead

I cannot change that what has happened
or that which will happen
I can only walk this day in sorrow

We all move in and out of day happy...the next sad...sometimes life is not easy and the forces that are beyond our control seems to laugh at us and we can only accept that which they pierce our hearts with.


  1. This is so true, I have days that my heart dances, and days that it cries, and most often I could not give you specific reasons for either one. I think that to live much is to feel much, deeply, and sometimes those feelings overflow.

  2. AnonymousJuly 21, 2013

    While this poem is haunting and very sad I know exactly what you mean. I would never give up sorrow for it enriches my experience of pleasure, engenders compassion and gratitude. Wise words Grizz