from the fog

the empty street of my mind
echos the smell of her hair

her steps carom from the foggy cement
chasing the white rose

she came with the fog
to surround me with her touch

and tease me with her eyes
but I cannot see her anymore

there is no more echo in the fog
but the white rose is there

petals drifting with the fog
reflecting everything that is her

                                                                          gsbatty for "mindlovemisery"

Today, mlm introduced me to Jeff Buckley's hauntingly beautiful music.  As I listened, he took me to a  place long ago and girl that has never left my heart. We walked the foggy streets of Frisco and listened to our foot steps echo across the empty streets. She loved the white rose.

Jeff's song of "lilac wine" and a lost love brought her back from the fog....


  1. Oh Grizz this is so beautiful! Haunting is the perfect word to describe your poem, nostalgic, sweet wow love it! I am so glad you enjoyed the song =)

    1. thanks ... i am a little foggy myself...after reading it again I realized it was really out of sinc.
      I swapped a couple of lines..I think it is a wee bit better.

  2. Replies
    1. thank you...I really appreciate your visit and your comment.

  3. Lovely, the ending really tugs at my heart.