space within us

Space...personal...I need it
I need to be alone
with my thoughts...

not to be influenced by another's
how else will I know

what I think
what I feel
what I desire

I cannot live
in the center of you
or anyone

your words..thoughts...desires
are important to  you and me
as long as we have our space

to do as we desire
I am not jealous of your desire
nor should you be jealous of mine

I desire you..want you...need you
not as a blanket
but as a comforter

I need you to need me
to be independent
and yet contingent

upon our mutual existence
our love must endure space
to insure that we are one

                                              gs batty/July 2013 for Theme Thursday - Space


  1. Beautiful thoughts on this week's theme. Enjoyed reading. Thanks. Also thanks for stopping by and commening. :)

    1. thanks Mary...I appreciate your visit

  2. Beautiful =) I love seeing the romantic side. I need space too, my husband as well just sometimes we don't need it at the same time lol

    1. yes..sometimes one needs the space...the other needs to be held..that can become a problem...that is when understanding and space has to learn to call upon the moon...

  3. At times we all feel like this.

  4. "Not as a blanket but as a comforter." Great line!

  5. Growing up in such a large family, I really do enjoy having my own space since we pretty much never had any private space. And I too love reading about the romantic side of a couple needing their own space. I think what you wrote here is a definite key to a happy relationship and marriage. Togetherness is great but letting me have time to myself is just as great. I also think that is one reason I like to take a bath when I am all alone and can just totally relax and not have to worry about anything or anyone. I am thinking that they should add your poem to everyone's marriage vows. Maybe the divorce rates would go down.

    Thanks for writing such a great poem about space for this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope your weekend is filled with lots of space and togetherness.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you so much...I always appreciate your comments but this one will make me float through the weekend...

  6. Well Said and the 'comforter not a blanket' excellent metaphor!