the sounds of morning

a soft cloud covered sky
the sun poking through here and there
broadcasting a day of heat

the hawks soar above
the mockingbirds and the morning doves
if not them,then their eggs the prize

the only sounds
a soft breeze dancing through the trees
the padding of my schnauzers paws on the asphalt

the soft calling of the hawks
the singing of the mocking birds
the mournful voice of the morning doves

my breathing and my steps
my wife complaining about the neighbor's yard
another day has begun

                                                                            gsbatty/July 2012


  1. AnonymousJuly 21, 2013

    This is wonderfully vivid I can clearly visual your words =)

  2. And we say 'good morning mother earth; good morning universe!' ;o)

  3. yes, that we do...thanks for dropping in.