work today...nah..nope...nada

energy to work
is inversely proportional
to the heat of the day
when the rays
of the sun
turn the cold of the moon
into a warm
sunny morning
and a hot afternoon
I don't have the energy
to do any work
but I do have the energy to play
                                                                                    gs batty for Sunday Scribblings


  1. So true, but some warmth would be great

  2. That's the best energy..i will metaphorically join you on the slide and swings..maybe even those little bumble bees on springs that go back and forth..though may be a bit hefty for it to spring! ;)

  3. As Benchley wrote, you can do any kind of work, and any amount of work, as long as it's not the work you're supposed to be doing.

  4. LOL! I can definitely relate!

  5. Who cares for work, when you can play. Like it.

  6. Who was it who said: 'I love work. I could stand all day and watch people do it.' ?

  7. ...and the energy to raise a cold beer to my lips!

  8. all of us has the energy to play. haha i tried to reserve some for work though lol