here, there, everywhere

Naturally, with my confused mind, I immediately thought of"Old MacDonald's farm".
..."Here a chick, there a moo, everywhere a quack, baa..."...or something like that...

so now...

I must apologize to my wife, to Keith, the Beatles and all of England because  I thought of a farm first and the love of a woman later. I wondered if it was because I'm getting older or to old and the poetry of love or the need of love is sinking (or has already gone kerplunk) into the sunset.

But, that;s not true. No matter how old we get we still need that special someone to be here, there and everywhere as so poetically written by Paul McCartney and sung by the Beattles.

I am lucky because I have that special someone who has always been here, there and everywhere for me as I have for her. I do not buy lottery tickets because I used up all of my luck when the lovely "Mrs Grizz", (notice I didn't say Mrs. 'Old' Grizz), agreed to become my wife.

I love you babe...and I will feed the chickens...later

                                                          written for Carry on Tuesdays by gs batty


  1. So sweet! Sounds like you have a wonderful life with Mrs. Grizz!

  2. this is a perfect love letter