the road I chose

one led me to heaven
the other to hell
I chose hell
one led me to water
the other to dust
I chose dust
one led to a meadow
the other a cliff
I chose the cliff
from the canon below
the crossroads of my past
beckoned me
my voice my soul
echoed across the void
and pled for help
my pleas
hurtled across an empty sky
they did not return
gs batty/march 2013
written for Carry on Tuesday ...thanks Keith


  1. Choices... the biggest issue in life. I have made so many bad ones, though not necessarily wrong - because they brought me to who I am today, and I am grateful for that experience. Some days I still feel that I stand on the cliff in a strong wind, but then I count my blessings and realize that life is good, it is just me that casts my own shadow from time to time. Help is as close as a friend in the blogsphere, they have kept me alive in times prior!

  2. Well bro ya had better read mine so as ta seek valuable advice!

    Ya didn't really choose a cliff did ya?

    Oh and I thought I saw ya in hell, you had that bandana with a Whitesnake on it!

  3. You've enjoyed life to the fullest! That is what's expected when one decides to take on the challenging choice all the time. More trying but more satisfaction. Nicely OG!


  4. Very intense and well written!

  5. Sometimes it's hard to know which way those choices will take us til after they are made.Those first three lines really got my attention!

  6. Like you I've never been one to take the safe option - life would have been so dull and I wouldn't be writing my story right now!

  7. who wants to be safe but sorry, but we do need to sometimes take a sensible option