are they real

It's out there...right over there...look again..come here...see it? No,no,no...a little to the have have to be blind. I can see it. There it is again...Oh, now it's gone.
It was too there.  I know I saw it.  Yes they do exist.  Come on, you weren't even looking in the right direction.

I'm not're blind.  It was right there. Come on I'll show you. It was right over there by that rock.  Tracks? I don't know.  Maybe they don't leave tracks.

I have not been sipping on the wine to long and I am not drunk.

Yes, they are real. I've heard that if you don't believe, you will never see one. So, you will never see one. But I see them, because I believe.

Leprechauns are out there but only for the believers. Do you believe? If you truly believe, just look out your window, because, today is the day that they are out and about.

However, even if you do not believe. I offer you an Irish blessing...
May your days be as beautiful as this...

Some beautiful countryside.......some beautiful music......some beautiful thoughts.   Erin Go Bragh!! 


  1. I like it. Quite fitting too, this time of year.

  2. Of course there are leprechauns. we've got one who switches our regrigerator light on and off - but the little bugger is too quick for me to catch him at it.

  3. Apt and adroit; just right for the season.

  4. What a charming, whimsical post... I loved this GS, it made me smile! Very clever use of the prompt this week! And indeed I do believe! :-)

  5. Belief in Leprechauns is the only thing that stops me going crazy.