the green green sky of home

We stood together
on the edge of the abyss of damnation
I...hesitant, he...calling me
I was naked
before the world
for everyone to see
but really there
was only the two of us
just God and me
I reached out my hand
hoping to find
someone honest someone kind kind
a sea of green
somewhere to to dance and just be free
 was opened just for me
The sea seemed only a mist
 strange things and faces were seen down below
I could hear them calling soft and low

don't be afraid
said a voice from above
just step on out and you'll soar like a dove

I stepped onto that sea of green
and soared above the abyss
for all those faces to see

I danced with the clouds
walked on a rainbow
and rode a lightning bolt across the sky

for upon that Irish green sea
there were only the two of us
just God and I

                                                                                        gs batty/march 2013

written for....Theme Thursday


  1. A beautiful statement of faith, GS! I love your use of green for this wonderful place, green is the color I most miss where I live now. To me, Heaven would be dancing in field of green!

    1. Thanks Josie...always appreciate a visit from you

  2. Lovely post for the theme.

  3. Great imagery in this, and a definite testament of faith.

  4. Inspiring use of this week's theme...

  5. Loved this poem and truly there were tears in my eyes as I was reading it. It really does show how one has to have faith and to always be ready to take a leap of faith when the moment calls for it. And I also enjoyed how you incorporated greenery into the poem. Yes, a very delightful and thoughtful poem.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope your weekend is full of many green things that bring your happiness and joy.

    God bless.