we are one

the sun  was burying itself in the ocean
 paths from different places
beckoned them
they met under a Banyon
and watched the sun say it final goodbye
 a soft breeze kissed their cheeks
their fingers touched
a marmalade sky warmed their hearts
his hand touched hers, hers returned the warmth
their souls touched a wispy cloud
they drew closer
each to steal a kiss
seeking to fill a need
droplets of moonlight
bound their hearts as one

each held the other
snuggled in the warmth
of their love
they did not feel the cool breeze
nor hear the call of the gulls

They saw the white clouds turn dark
felt the breeze become a wind
that tugged at their strength
lightning began to split the sky
sounds of thunder shook the ground

the wind grew stronger
attempting to separate their love
lightning thunder wind
gnawed at them
clawed at them

they stood as one
in each others arms
refusing to be destroyed
they faced the
wind thunder lightning rain

heads held high
rain wind lightning thunder lashed at them
they looked to the sky
hair clothing fighting against the storm
souls refusing to part

they turned from the storm
refusing to let
the wind the rain the lightning the thunder
shape them
they weathered the storm as one



  1. hey stood as one
    in each others arms
    refusing to be destroyed

    I like this, great flow to it and it builds really well. A great piece

  2. A powerfully written poem that illustrates the strength that can be found in union. Together, anything can be endured and survived. Very well done!

  3. This is a poem that shows love can survive anything if it is true in both of their hearts. Definitely not something you see all the time. I hear about couples who have been together for many years and when one dies the other one dies within a few months, almost as if the one could not survive without the other anymore. When I hear of these stories I think that they must have really loved one another. This poem made me think that this couple would be like that.

    Thanks for sharing such a loving poem and another post for this weeks Theme Thursday. Very much appreciated.

    God bless.