the twig and I..and...

avoiding a fight 
a twig
a simple little innocuous twig
not in a tree or laying on the ground
but on my kitchen counter
waiting to be found
or was it lurking
waiting to attack someone
the first one to come around
and was that someone me
should I be so naive and stupid
to think it was only part of a tree
wait now you say
how dangerous can one little twig be
surely that little thing is no danger
to either you or me
maybe no danger to you
but lets think about me
were I to pick it up
and throw it away
would I be in trouble
with whoever put it there
or even worse
were I not to pick it up
and throw it away
would my ears be scolded
for letting it remain free
so I sit and ponder
that tiny little twig
wondering what to do with it
I guess the best solution
just between you and me
is to leave it alone
and pretend that
the poor little twig
was a trap I never saw
I'll just walk away
and drink my coffee
sometime later today

                                                           gs batty/march 2013

1 comment:

  1. Too funny, GS, and so true of married life! Sometimes no response is the safest solution of all. Papa Bear would be the first to tell you that there are situations when dealing with a wife that there is no right response or reply, whatever direction you take is likely to land you in hot water! ;-)