did we - do they

"In youth we learn; in age we understand"

I am not so sure that this quote by Baroness Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach still holds water. I am of the belief that the world I live in is really a leaky old boat with the bilge pumps not working and the bailing buckets long thrown overboard because they were taking up lounge chair space.

The bilge pump (invented sometime just before or just after Columbus "sailed the ocean blue in 1492") was at first a simple suction pump (worked by manual labor) that developed into a vital piece of machinery needed to explore the vast oceans and the bowels of the earth.

Today they are sophisticated pieces of machinery that replace a mans need to do any physical labor unless (of course) they break down.  At that point we either bail out the waters using bailing bucket or the water does what it damn well pleases and at that point it is not planning on giving you a warm shower.

Because we have developed machinery suck as the bilge pump to do all the work for us, kids today just grow up basking in the luxury of laziness.  They do not have to think or learn. A 1931 survey found that "high school students were more likely to attribute their failing performance to laziness, while teachers ranked "lack of ability" as the major cause, with laziness coming in second."

Although I do not have any empirical evidence available, I believe in 2013 the rate of laziness has increased the same rate as the increase in modern technology has. I own a business and it is difficult to hire a young person that wants to "work", knows how to "work" and understands how to "work".

No Marie, the quote today should be, "In youth we take, in age we wonder what the hell happened"
and then we hold out our hand to government and say "it's not my fault".  Who knows?  Maybe it's not but that still doesn't get you out of the bread line.

                                                                            gs batty for Mr. kmeith and Carry on Tuesday


  1. I wonder what the hell happened most of the the time..and hopefully i have a few more years ahead!

  2. I have to agree with you! The quote really is a load of 'ole tosh, but it had a bit of a ring to it and I thought it would be interesting to see if it produced a reaction. Clearly it did! Nice one gsb!

  3. Laziness has obviously increased to epidemic proportions. Why work when you believe you are entitled to everything without lifting a finger? You've touched a nerve with this one. I can feel a tirade building.