I welcome the souls that touch me

I stand among them
the wind the clouds the rain
wondering who they are

not lightning nor thunder
for they have no substance
only sound and light
but the others
the wind the clouds and the rain
are the souls of those that came before
could the wind
blowing in my face
have kissed  the face of Rumi
could the rain
that washes my soul
have washed the soul of Frost
could the clouds
that paint the sky
be painting the words of Poe
If I caress
the rain upon my face
will I touch the words of Whitman
does the wind
that blows my hair
carry the words of Thomas
could the shapes
that float across the sky
have influenced Carroll
all those souls
and all their words
are wisping through the air
all those souls
and all those words
are misting in my face
all those souls
and all those words
are singing from the clouds
I welcome them
the wind the clouds the rain
they are the essence of who I long to be
                                                     gs batty/march 2013

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  1. What a beautiful poem, GS, so well written and such wonderful imagery! Truly one of the best I have read in the blogsphere in a long time! As a fellow writer, I couldn't agree with you more. I am also a believer that all who have gone before do indeed still grace us with their presence and inspiration.