words...where are you

where are they
those words I cannot find
I have searched the mountains
the sea shores...the deserts
other people
have found them
could they
have used them all
I know that
they are not in
the crossword puzzle
or the game of cards
they were there for
the Persian Poet, Rumi
"Thirst drove me down to the water
where I drank the moon's reflection."
Oh what beautiful words
he wrote
did he find those words
in the reflection of the moon
"Only from the heart
Can you touch the sky."
did he pull his words
from his heart or from the sky
maybe I need to look
to my heart
 maybe I need to look to
the reflection of the moon
or the inner part
of my soul
maybe I need to look
into myself

1 comment:

  1. It is difficult to find the right words. I believe you have chosen to look in the right place.