if I die tomorrow

If I die tomorrow
will anyone know
even the souls on
the other side
if I die tomorrow
what will people say
will they even care
or maybe pretend they do
how does anyone deal with death
do they practice
like reading a book
and taking a test
I lost a friend  today
I didn't read a book
there was no test
I wasn't prepared
I flunked in my head
and in my heart
not knowing what to do
or what to say
I turned to my writing mind
a wrote a death for revenge
and it didn't help
so I resurrected my lifeless sacrifice
and screamed at God
he stood above my mind on a cloud
and shrugged his shoulders
and walked away
I lost a friend today
I know I care
but I am helpless
to resurrect a real human being
I lost a friend today
his presence will never be lost
but my mind, my heart
will have a hole where he was sitting
I know that the other side
has won the battle
and they are smiling at his arrival
and somewhere his smile is looking down on me

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  1. My grandmother used to say that the hardest part of growing old was seeing beloved family members and friends depart for the spirit realm leaving her behind. She lived well into her 90's and by then was the only one remaining. I do not wish to live so long, I do not like goodbyes.