Sanka the wonder frog

Now and then something beautiful will catch your eye...and my eye, and of course the frog's eye. My frog, or actually the frog in my story, was just a wee bit lazy but he had an amorous nature,  Now he didn't ride off a courting with a gun and pistol by his side and he was not the least bit interested in courting a mouse like his great great great great (not sure how many greats, but a lot of them as a frog's life span isn't all that long) great grandpa had done.

What caught our frog's eye was the pretty little female frog across the pond but, the pretty little female frog across the pond was also being courted by a big nasty old bullfrog. What also caught our hero's eye was the way that mean old bullfrog would look at him whenever he got close to the female frog that they both desired.

Well Sanka, our frog, knew he had no chance against the bullfrog, so he had to devise a way to get rid of his competition. He sat on a small lily pad as far away from the big bullfrog as possible and wondered what he was going to do.

Finally he realized his only chance was to trick the bullfrog into leaving, so he hopped close to where the big brute was basking in the sun and said, "I wonder if the sweet little girl frog over at the mill pond would still be there? She sure is pretty."

The bullfrog opened one eye and and said, "I've never seen a sweet little girl frog at the mill pond. I wonder if you really know what your talking about."

Sanka said, "I wonder if she is out on one of the lily pads just waiting from me?"

The bullfrog said, "If she waiting for anyone, she's waiting for me."

Sanka said, "Maybe we should just hop right on over there and see who she waiting for."

Now the old bullfrog was as dumb as he was big and told our little Sanka that he was going over to the mill pond to court the sweet little girl frog and if Sanka showed up he was in big trouble. Then he took three mighty leaps and landed right where Sanka had seen a big old water snake looking for breakfast.

Sank relaxed in the hot sun. "I wonder, he thought, if that prettty little female frog across the pond is going to be as glad to see me as I will be to see her". He also wondered if that old water snake was happy with the brakfast Sanka had sent to him.


Have your ever wondered how many Ribbits it takes to make a frog croak?

Got an answer...leave your answer in the comments section...

I will post the answer on next weeks Theme Thursday...

written for Theme Thursday...


  1. Enjoyed that. Crafty old frog.

  2. Is it a furry ribbit..swallowing a furry ribbit would make the frog croak pretty quickly i would imagine..

    1. yes jae, a little fur down the throat would make anyone croak but the furry ribbit is an animal from a completely different world...someday I will write a story about the furry ribbits and dedicate it to you.

  3. Well I did figure out the girl frog was called Rosie the ribbiter but I am guessing that it took 5 ribbits to make the frog croak. I enjoyed the story and it is one about all is fair in love and war. The wiley frog definitely get the girl.

    Thanks for sharing such a cute story with us for this weeks Theme Thursday, I enjoyed it. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend filled with lots of frog love.

    God bless.

    1. good guess on both Rosie and the no. of ribbits, but both are no right. However, I do like Rosie the Ribbiter...maybe a star is born.
      Answer to the quiz in Theme week