Free Food at Whatesnake's Place

Fear not for the future...Weep not for the past ...
Keith says that Shelly said that and then I read on Whitesnakes blog where he also said it and he did a damn good job saying it.

I suppose a lot of people have said it but not in the same words or the same phrasing.
I like to say that I am happy for every thing that has happened to me or not happened to me because I am still here.

I could have won a lottery and then got killed for my money or some other idiotic event. It is insane to look back and say I wish I had done this or that.  If this or that is so damned it now.
Now the future is a different thing and for that I wrote a short story a few days ago that I called "My Castration".

Basically I fear the future or the results of putting myself out for rejection.  However, I am getting over it.  I was just rejected for a special writing class at a local college and it didn't bother me.  Well, maybe a little but, I just decided to flatten the professors tires. However, I chickened out on that one too.  Guess I'll just fly on over to Whitesnake's house and get that free meal he offered today and let the future be damned.

For Kieth and Carry on Tuesday


  1. however you say it, tomorrow never comes and yesterday is gone forever, so we only have today to live. {if we're lucky enough to wake up, huh?}


  2. To have the courage to still try is enough..even that seems like a slippery customer at times..writing classes? Can anyone really teach you..pen..paper..cup of coffee..story about why the tires deflated..bish they say in London Town..

  3. Bravo!! What has happened to us makes us who we are.

  4. It is said that rejection is the greatest human fear, but I think that as time goes on we get used to it, learn to let it go and move on, at least to some degree - we still carry the scars. I am at peace with my past, it has made me who I am. Future remains a bit scary as in the realm of the material world, aging brings with it too many issues that I must as some point stare in the face, and I feel unprepared to do so. Somehow I will muddle thru though, I always do.