our song

   They were playing our song. The music floated across the lagoon like she once floated across the dance floor. I stopped and listened, memories crossing my heart with each note they played. I looked into the water and my heart drank from the image of her dancing around the reflection of the moon.

   She was so close, yet so far away. I could feel her soft loving body, smell the fragrance of her skin as if she had never left me. I longed to be with her, touch her, hear her voice, dance with her one more time, but that was never to be.

   She belonged to God now. I hope he needs her as much as I did.

   I didn't want the music to stop. As long as our song floated across the water, I could ser see her in the moon. I wished for her to talk to me...to tell me how she is doing...to tell me that she misses me as I do her.

   But, the music stopped and her face drifted into the sky. Oh how I long for the day that we will be together again and we will be able to drift with the wind across the moon side by side.

gs batty

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  1. Aww, sad and sweet. Hope you do meet her again one day......not too soon though.