I cry

   True, I cry and I am not a female.  Men don't cry. Has anyone heard those words before? Sure you have. Everyone has. A real man doesn't cry. It's a sign of weakness when a man cries. Maybe, but I don't think so.

  Maybe they are referring to someone getting down on their knees and crying or begging for their life. Would I do that? I don't know because I have never been in that situation. I hope not, but maybe. I hope that I'm never tested.

  Crying because of emotion is different. I cried when my mother died. I cried when my best friend died. I am not ashamed. I lost someone dear to me. I felt a hole in my heart and I cried. I cried when I read a poem at my brothers funeral. I cried for the same reason.

   I am not speaking of sobbing, but the tears came and I could not hold them back. I didn't want to hold them back. Yes 2pac, sometimes I cry when I'm alone and sometimes I cry where everyone can see me.

   I am not ashamed that I have a heart. I am not ashamed that I cry.

and....a short poem I wrote last year...about crying...

I breathe
breath won't come

my head spins
vision is blurred

I cry for what
I do not know

I cry
for me

written for Carry On Tuuesday, Keith, 2pac and the whole damn world...


  1. How good it is to read about a man who admits that he is real... he has a heart and he feels! I worry about those folks, and men in particular, who think there is some sort of honor in holding back sorrow and tears. There is a time for crying, and yes, sometimes we do cry for ourselves, I've done that too. If we felt no true sorrow, how would we know joy?

  2. Excellently put. Of course men cry - it's just that most of the time they do it privately.

  3. Good for you for writing this piece. Last night I cried during an old episode of Friends, but I'm not ashamed!

  4. crying is a release and we need to let the pressure valve go sometimes, well done for knowing the value of that

  5. One should never be afraid or ashamed to cry. It's one of the things that makes us human.